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Dedicated monitoring for indoor wellbeing

Its direct focus on controlling air quality and indoor comfort is devoted exclusively to people’s well-being and increased productivity.

Service Features

IoT Hardware

Aircare devices are provided and our advice advice on how to use the service. The installation is simple and fast (less than 2 minutes for each Aircare), is available a branded display with your logo for wall installations.

Software FITS (Flexible IoT Software)

Data goes to our FITS (Flexible IoT Software) platform. This way you can have a continuous trend of all environmental parameters. If you already have a platform you can directly integrate the data collected by Aircare devices into your environment.

Data Analysis

FITS platform has advanced algorithms algorithms to analyze the data collected by Aircare devices. The interface is simple and intuitive. Create reports autonomously and receive notifications of pollutants detected

Analytical Report

Where threshold exceedances are detected, analytical reports can be made to classify the level of severity of each pollutant. Any remedial actions to be taken (e.g., purification) will also be proposed.

BMS Integration

Aircare has developed a module for integration with the BMS (Building Management System) already present in your building.

Monitor your indoor wellbeing

In every company it is necessary to pay particular attention to indoor pollution: in addition to particulate matter that can also penetrate from outside, we must also consider VOCs, i.e. volatile organic compounds, produced by different classes of chemicals and materials that we are in contact with on a regular basis. We must also constantly check the levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that can compromise the productivity of the occupants.

AIRCARE is a project born and produced in Italy, with the aim of making our working environment healthier.  Visit the website www.aircare.it


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Measures air quality. Increase productivity

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Integrate Aircare data with your existing ventilation systems

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Improve indoor comfort and share results with your customers

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